Christie knocks DeSantis for voting against New Jersey relief funds: ‘Now he wants aid’

Chris Christie slammed fellow presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over asking for federal aid after a hurricane tore through north Florida last week.

Christie, in a CNN interview Tuesday, spoke on the “hypocrisy” of DeSantis asking for federal aid after the Florida governor voted against the same aid for New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast in 2012 while Christie was governor.

“Look, we shouldn’t be playing politics with this stuff,” Christie said. “But Gov. DeSantis has always played politics with this. He voted against Sandy aid in 2012 as a member of the House, and now he wants aid. You know, this is the hypocrisy that everybody sees in politics and why they’re looking for someone who will just tell them the truth.”

Hurricane Idalia killed at least one person and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. 

DeSantis also chose not to meet with President Biden when he was in the state following the hurricane, which Christie chose to do with President Obama in 2012 and was severely criticized for.

Christie said that “of course” DeSantis should have met with Biden, and that he would do nothing different if he had the chance to do the Hurricane Sandy response over again.

DeSantis’s choice not to meet with Biden, apparently backing out of a meeting already announced by the White House, has been met with widespread criticism.

Christie is polling sixth in the GOP presidential primary with about 3 percent support, according to national averages, while DeSantis holds second place with about 15 percent support.

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