Coons predicts Biden poll numbers will improve in ‘positive direction’

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) on Sunday predicted that President Biden’s poll numbers will improve as the 2024 campaign season heads into full swing just after a CNN poll showed voters grading the 46th president dismally.

Coons reiterated a notion many Democrats have stressed – that Biden’s record will convince the public to re-elect him in 2024.

“So I think as this campaign comes into focus in the coming year, the very strong record President Biden has to run on, will move those polls in a very positive direction,” he told ABC’s Jonathan Karl on “This Week.” “There’s a lot of Americans who have seen that President Biden is a seasoned, capable leader on the world stage.”

When asked about dipping poll numbers in the latest CNN poll, Coons, a longtime ally of Biden, said that the president has a “very strong record to run on.” The latest CNN poll last week showed that two-thirds of Democrats would like to see a different candidate than Biden for the 2024 election.

“What he’s done here at home and abroad on the world stage has made us stronger, has built a strong and recovering economy and has put us on a great path forward, whether it’s signing into law bipartisan bills that strengthen infrastructure and manufacturing that have brought 13 and a half million new high quality jobs to our economy, or it’s signing into law and now implementing the first reduction in prescription drug prices in a generation,” Coons said.

He also noted that its 14 months away from the 2024 presidential election and that polls do not mean as much this far away from Election Day.

“But the larger point was that, this far out, it doesn’t actually matter what a head to head poll says what matters is what’s your record,” Coons said.

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