Trump NH campaign aide tells police to kill themselves in Jan. 6 video: report

The deputy director for former President Trump’s 2024 campaign in New Hampshire was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and told police officers to kill themselves, newly revealed video from NBC News shows.

“If you are a police officer and are going to abide by unconstitutional bulls—, I want you to do me a favor right now and go hang yourself, because you’re a piece of s—,” Dylan Quattrucci said in the video. “Go f— yourself.”

Local New Hampshire media reported in August that Quattrucci attended the Jan. 6 protests, disclosing since-deleted tweets that proved he attended the event. In the tweets, Quattrucci claims that he was tear gassed while protesting.

“Mike Pence is a traitor to America,” one tweet read.

There is no evidence Quattrucci entered the Capitol.

The Hill has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

Four police officers committed suicide in the wake of the Jan. 6 riots, some specifically citing the trauma of the events. The Justice Department acknowledged one of the deaths as in the line of duty last month, allowing the officer’s family to receive benefits.

Quattrucci was named as Trump’s New Hampshire deputy director in May, according to campaign finance records and his LinkedIn page.

Trump holds a significant lead in the GOP presidential primary, including in New Hampshire. An Emerson College poll released mid-August showed him receiving about 49 percent support among polled Republicans in the state. 

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